Health, Safety and Environment.


As part of our corporate policy, astute consideration is given to e safety and health of our staff and clients; undertaking of project execution methods that will ensure zero to minimum environmental hazards and the maintenance of absolute security and confidentiality on behalf of our clients.

Therefore, no effort is spared in the planning stages of each project, to ensure the protection of life, property and the environment.

Below is an outline of our guiding safety procedures:

The health and safety of employees, subcontractors and third parties

Careful maintenance and storage of equipment and machinery

Investigation of any accident to ascertain causes in order to eliminate a repetition

Insurance of the compliance of all subcontractors to the terms of this policy

Recognition of excellence in safety and the provision of a safe and secure work environment

Establishment of a good rapport with the members of the host communities and other relevant personalities that may be affected by the activities of Infraserv

Operational Regulations stipulate very strict penalties for any violation of our operational guidelines.






Engr  K. Ramsis

President & Founder

Quality of service is of utmost importance to The Hardley Grey group of companies. The ideal of quality for us relates to the satisfaction our clients derive from not only the services rendered, but also from the method of service delivery.

The realization of these ideals is made possible by our team.

Each member of our team is fervently committed to the sustenance of our hard earned reputation of excellence. Each is self-driven and has perfected his/her ability in respective fields.

We understand the doctrine of quality as the only licence for sustained business prosperity.

Given the above mind-set, the management team ensures that:

Each personnel engaged for projects, are highly skilled and shares our ideology of excellence

The entire team of Hardley Grey continues to undergo training to ensure improvements in skill and motivation

Responsibilities are clearly defined

Preventive measures are preferred over corrective ones

Our quality systems are strictly adhered to and each processes for each project will be documented

And in the rarest of occasions, when the need arises, to ensure that corrective measures are implemented in time to keep with specified project deadlines

Hardley Grey QA/QC executive is highly experienced in quality protocols and is empowered by management to supervise and implement preventive procedures and to approve project completion.






Engr  K. Ramsis

President & Founder