Infraserv Services

Our Services

Infraserve has over 12 years of experience offering a broad range of facilities management services which include, but not limited to: janitorial services, gardening and landscaping, fumigation and pest control, facade maintenance, maintenance and repairs of mechanical and electrical systems, maintenance of HVAC systems, etc…

Our competitive advantage is rooted in the ability to effectively deliver projects in a manner that satisfies even the strictest quality and performance requirements. We are able to provide facility management services in ways that work best for our clients. Whatever your unique needs, our services are customizable to provide you the extent of support you desire

Our bouquet of services include:

Maintenance and Repairs of HVAC System

Maintenance and Repairs of Generating Plants and Elevators

Provision of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing maintenance and repair service

Robust Janitorial Services including cleaning and specialized nurturing of various surfaces

Landscaping, Gardening, Fumigation and Pest Control


Height works, especially facade cleaning